Citrus Anime Adaptation?WAH!?

This is the trailer of the anime adaptation posted on Crunchyroll.

Now I’m sorry…

but what the fuck is up with that classical music vsbkdjbvkf

I’m actually surprised by how mature the character designs look. I imagined the anime adaptation would go with cuter designs since most yuri’s I know of look really moe-ish.

So far I’ve only read two volumes of Citrus and it’s so packed-filled with lesbian/yuri tropes that I always assumed it was intentional and meant to take the piss out of others in the genre. Question: am I the only one that found this manga humorous in scenes where nothing was indicated that it was meant to be funny? It’s been a while, but I remember laughing at basically everything while reading the manga. This leads me to wonder if Citrus is either a uncreative story that recycles old yuri archetypes and tropes, or is it actually using these tropes ironically to illicate some humor while still keeping us entertained in the same way a normal yuri would?

Even if the manga did everything ironically, I can’t help but hope that the animated version treats the relationship between Mei and Yuzu with more care and respect than the manga. It’d be nice to see a Yuri anime that feels like a real romance and not just a…well, fanservicey yuri. Like I said, the character design looks pretty mature, so maybe theres some hope for a yuri done with some maturity.


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