svnksbvkj Butterfly Soup is Good

I can really see why so many people love this game. The main characters are very…human? Despite all of them being considerably different, I can somehow relate to all of them in one way or another. They’re capable of having diverse personalities.

  • Noelle is strict and cold, but she can be surprisingly devious at times and (we mostly see this with Diya but) she’s also a loyal friend.
  • Diya is athletic and quiet. Something I think about a lot is how if it weren’t for part of the story being told in Diya’s perspective; if she happened to just be a side character, she could’ve come across as the strong, silent, stoic character archetype. Without the perspective of Diya and her friends, I don’t think we would’ve seen her shy and sweet side.
  • Min is assertive and has anger issues, however, in scenes like the baseball game she went to with her brother and Diya as kids and also the scene at the gym with Akarsha you can see she’s good at comforting her friends.
  • Akarsha is a jokester and silly but it’s definitely hinted at that she suffers from depression. What I’m about say was never really hinted at, so this is just a guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was insecure of her position in the friend group; if she felt like the fourth wheel of some sorts.

I think one of the fun parts of this game is when the characters try to comprehend how any of them manage to get along (in many ways they don’t haha; things can get pretty chaotic between all of them but usually in like the best way possible).

And I can really relate to this personally. In highschool, I was an extremely emo kid that people usually avoided talking to and my best friend was someone who wore a lot of floral print shirts and was overly friendly to everyone to compensate for her awkwardness and anxiety. We used to joke about how weird it was that we were friends, but I think the funniest part was that the longer we were friends, the more we learned about each other, and us being friends ended making a lot more sense over time.

I feel like I can’t talk about this game without getting a little personal just because of how relatable it feels. It really just…hits home I guess. That sounded really dorky but it gets my point across so I’m keeping it in.  I mean, I can relate to Diya’s shyness- when Chryssa said “quiet one are you?” and Diya thought in her head “why does everyone always say that? I’m not that quiet” I could relate SO strongly. I can relate to Min’s angry father and her frustration towards her brother for being able to follow their parent’s rules even if he doesn’t like them. I can relate to Akarsha’s fear and reluctance to take her problems seriously. I can relate to Noelle’s difficulty expressing to her friends how much she appreciates them and I also don’t know shit about sports lol.

But yeah… the game is really relatable (I think I’ve used that word WAY too many times at this point haha). In some ways, the game feels unreal; like a life fantasy. The story is so comedic and despite the struggles of the characters, the overall tone of the game is very positive and uplifting. I was on the verge of tears after finishing the game simply because I was overwhelmed by how happy the game had made me feel. It’s such a sweet story. And the intro screen is SO adorable. Every time I open the game I can’t help but smile. The music picked really helped, too. I now listen to Miltalta a lot because of this game. I am forever grateful for it introducing me to such a lovely artist.

A sequel to Butterfly Soup has been confirmed by Brianna Lei and I’m super excited about it. I personally want to see more of the relationship between Min and Jun, since Jun and the relationship between him and Min reminded me a bit of my own brother and our relationship. I’ve read through some of Brianna’s Q+A’s for Butterfly Soup on Tumblr and she has said she’ll give more time to the side characters in butterfly soup 2. I’m assuming we’ll see some of Akarsha’s family in the sequel as well, which I’m interested in seeing. I just hope Brianna doesn’t listen to fans too much while making the sequel. I know I know. I, a fan, just said I want to see more of Min and Jun. It’s just part of what made Butterfly Soup so good is that a lot of what happened felt like actual experiences. A lot of the game felt real with some comedic exaggerations and I loved it for that.

If you haven’t played this game please do. I don’t think I really spoiled that much. So please go and do it.

This only ended up being 900 words, go me sfnskdfnk

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