i actually like Gilmore Girls??and a lot?


As of season 3

I’m actually…enjoying it.

The reason I say actually is because the first six episodes were not my cup of tea. Most of the jokes did not hit whatsoever and what was supposed to be wit was usually Lorelai being the equivalent of a dad joke. And even when I did start enjoying it, I did not expect to care for it the amount I do now. I mean there were times I was on the verge of tears while watching Gilmore Girls. What I expected to be a corny, Full House-sort of show has shown to be much more. I think my thoughts on the show especially shifted when I noticed the show went a different direction with the relationship between Lorelai and her parents than I anticipated. I expected this sort of angsty oh my parents are rich snobs who don’t understand me which technically is the relationship between Lorelai and her mother, however after the six episode mark you see that that’s only one aspect of their relationship. The framing is what really makes it work. Lorelai’s parents aren’t made out to be bad people or even bad parents for the matter. They’re just different compared to Lorelai. In fact I the character I sympathized the most with would be Lorelai’s mother, Emily. She so desperately wants a close relationship with her daughter. She wants to have with Lorelai what Lorelai has with Rory. I found myself, just wanting the two of them to find a way to get along and have what Emily wishes they had. But they’re different people, sometimes similar but never in the right ways.

Something else I really like about the show is the way it’s drama is executed. It’s very…down to earth if that makes any sense. There’s no secret affairs or secret sibling or parents. There’s no over the top crying sequences. Characters don’t do obscenely twisted or malice-ful things. They’re just different people who disagree on things and sometimes hurt those they care about without meaning to. Ironically, Gilmore Girls not being being over dramatic is exactly what makes the drama work in the show. When Lorelai and Emily get in a fight it always grips my attention and emotions. Neither character is any less likable by the end either because I can always understand where both parties are coming from

The worst part of the show is probably Rory’s love life. That’s definitely the more corny, cliche side of the show. None of her love interests are drawn out. Dean had no personality and I don’t think we knew a single one of his interests. All I knew about Dean was that he was protective of Rory (which could be justified at times), had slight anger issues, and worked at Taylor’s market. And don’t get me started with Tristan. Jess has shown to be a better character than those two, but it’s still not all that good. But that’s the good thing about this show- it focuses on family more than romance.

While Gilmore Girls isn’t perfect, it really surprised me by amazing it can be.

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